Shangri La-The Hideaway boutique

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A fresh batch of hand made Raptor earrings are mid flight….heading straight to Shangri La. This adorable boutique will have a wide selection of earrings custom made to suite their customer. Place your custom orders today girls!



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Find the earrings above called Turquoise Tears with white feathers in the link below and holla atcha girl for a custom pair like hers with the speckled guinea feathers!


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I am so passionate about my new necklace lines. Im obviously quite the finatic when it comes to accessoires whether theyre hanging from your ears or your neck! I just got in a variety of Amethyst stalactites, black obsidean arrow heads, flint arrow heads, amethyst clusters, citrine clusters, shark teeth, and my personal favorite optical quarts! All of these gems are coated in 25k GOLD and are hanging from a doubled up, 36 inch gold plated chain. The other line pictured is my Fossil line…these are all antique bronze and the pendants are cast into actual animal relics out of melted down bullet shells. Does’ntt get much funkier than that people. Go, buy, and be merry!

SOLD AT: Westerly, Queen B, Purre, Lobby, Green Cube, SASHA, and Hidden Jewel